Lighting Maintenance 
Does your business have lights that flicker, dim, or don't turn on at all?  We provide maintenance services for existing lighting as well as installing better, energy efficient lighting.  Contact us and we will perform a free lighting survey!

Energy Solutions
The price for electricity in Hawaii is 4 times the national average.  This means that local companies are paying a high price to operate their business.  We can perform a lighting retrofit on your business which can save you hundreds of dollars a month on your HECO bill.

Electrical Services
As a licensed electrical contractor, we can install, repair, and troubleshoot electrical lines and components.  We are a trusted electrical contractor for Castle & Cook, Aloha Petroleum, and several other large companies.

Energy Advantage Program
Hawaii Energy is providing qualified businesses with the opportunity to save on their electric bill and reduce the total project cost through the Energy Advantage Program.  This program makes it possible for small businesses to receive significantly reduced prices on all their lighting projects.  Paradise Lighting LLC has been awarded Hawaii Energy's Golden Pluggy Contractor Award for this program, contact us to see if your business will benefit from this Program.  

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