In 2005, Paradise Lighting LLC began to providing lighting maintenance and electrical services to the island of Oahu. Since then, we have been able to offer our services across the state of Hawaii and provide many businesses, including the Hawaii state government, with low cost energy efficient lighting. Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers while providing them with the best possible lighting and maximum energy savings.   In order to achieve our goals we have staffed our company with a management team that includes over 23 years of servicing businesses in Hawaii.  For the last 5 years Paradise Lighting has expanded our customer portfolio to include large scale projects and dozens of new accounts.

Nestor Simon Sr, operations manager of Paradise Lighting, with 23 years of infield experience, 20 years as Operations Manager. Also provides prior communications experience in US Active Army. After serving as communications engineer for nine years, he began his civilian career as a lighting technician aid for Lighting Services in 1986. In just two years he was promoted to assistant operations manager. After one year working as an assistant manager, he was promoted to operations manager which he held until his separation in 2007. During his management, he turned the company from a small business to a major competitor of the business in Hawaii. Other than maintaining the workmanship and the services that Paradise Lighting provides, he also promotes our services to other businesses in Hawaii as well as national and international companies. Since joining the company he has brought not only his knowledge and experience but also new customers and state funded projects.

Paradise Lighting is a family owned and operated company. We pride ourselves by meeting our customers’ needs as well as providing them with low cost superior services and lighting. We are still a young company in an old business, but we are well prepared and able to accommodate existing and new customers.  


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